Sincerely, Subtle is getting hitched!

I am so pleased to announce that Randy and I are officially engaged! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to write, so I wanted you to know why. Here’s how it happened…

Randy told me he was taking me out for a date night (not that unusual at all) and that I should be ready at 7 p.m. on November 19 for him to pick me up.

I started getting a little suspicious after hearing about “how great this date was going to be,” but since he’d always said that it would be a while before we got engaged, I decided that he was just planning a fun evening for us together.

But just in case…I bought a new necklace at one of my favorite stores (Ann Taylor LOFT) to make myself feel a little extra glamorous for the evening.

The perfect statement necklace to match my LBD. (*image taken from

I didn’t know where we were going to eat, but I was pleased to find out that we had reservations at one of D.C.’s top Italian restaurants, Tosca. I had the tortellini covered in a wild mushroom sauce with truffles and fennel. Randy had the wild boar ragu. It was amazing.

Ristorante Tosca, in Washington, D.C. (*image taken from

Then, we went on a walk and ended up at the National Mall.

The beautiful National Mall. (*image taken from Rick's Photostream)

Randy had a few pictures to show me. The first was an extremely blurry picture of the ring (so blurry I couldn’t tell what it was). As I flipped through the other pictures, the ring got a little clearer, but was still difficult to see. Then he pulled out the ring box and said, “let me make it even more clear for you.”

That’s when it happened; he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

This is the best picture of the ring I could get...sorry the quality isn't that great!


I said YES!




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