Book review: ‘Heart of the Matter’ by Emily Giffin

It’s almost the end of July and I’m afraid to say that I’ve only read one of the books from my Summer Reading List. I guess that’s better than not reading anything at all – at least that’s why I try telling myself. 🙂

I have to say that reading the synopsis on this book didn’t seem overly compelling to me at first, but since I’ve ready all of Emily’s other books, I knew it would turn out better than I expected. And I was right. Heart of the Matter did not disappoint and it was a perfect pool-side book to read.

I think my favorite thing about all of Emily Giffin’s books is that her characters are very evolved; no matter whether they’re the victim or the villain, the reader can relate to each character. Perhaps it’s because she chooses real-life situations to write about? I wouldn’t say that any of her stories are overly outlandish or seem to be impossible; they’re about real people, real relationships and real problems.

On the surface, I didn’t really have anything in common with either of the female leads – both of their identities revolved around being a mother (and for one female lead that meant being a wife as well), and obviously, neither of those apply to me right now. However, I learned that I could relate to both women who found themselves connected due to a horrible accident.

I also appreciated that the book covered one of the topics I’ve thought about a lot recently (I have no idea why…) – the decision between becoming a stay-at-home mom and continuing to have a career. Each character chose a different path and it was interesting to see how each reacted giving the situation at hand.

Overall, this was another great book by Emily Giffin and definitely worth a read.

Also, just for fun, if you read ( or saw) Something Borrowed you’ll notice that Tessa, one of the main female characters in the book is Dex’s sister; Dex was the main male character in Something Borrowed and it was cool to get a little bit of closure on Dex and Rachel’s relationship. I love it when authors make connections like that in their books!


One thought on “Book review: ‘Heart of the Matter’ by Emily Giffin

  1. Diana says:

    I love Emily Giffin and will look forward to this book!! Could be a suggested Christmas gift, if I don’t read it beforehand!!

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