New life, new blog

As you know from reading my previous post, my fiance and I have just started a new adventure; we’ve moved to Raleigh, North Carolina! We’re so excited about this new start in our lives and I couldn’t help but think that maybe Sincerely, Subtle wasn’t the right fit as my blog anymore. I started Sincerely, Subtle as an experiment with my blogging and writing. It’s been a year since I started and so much has changed since then; I feel like I know myself enough to know where I’d like to take this blog…and that’s in a slightly different direction.

As you may have noticed this blog has a whole new look and title; welcome to Life as Mr. & Mrs. (well…almost!). I think that this is the perfect fit for this new blog-venture as I am starting to understand what it means to share a life with another person. Our wedding is a little over a year away (hence the ‘well…almost!’ part of the title) and I’m really starting to look forward to the road ahead.

So if you will, please join me!


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