Book Review: Secret Daughter by Shilpi Somaya Gowda

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Well, so much for my Summer Reading List. I know it’s been months since that list was published and I’m just now getting to writing about some of the books I’ve read, but hey – I’m planning a wedding and I just moved, so I feel like that’s a good excuse. ๐Ÿ™‚

I will say though, that this book has been one of the best I’ve read in a while and even though I finished it weeks ago, I knew I wanted to share it with you!

One of my favorite things about this book is that it’s written from the perspective of all the different characters. I loved that aspect because as I was reading, it felt like I was looking into a window of each character’s personality.

The book starts chronicling the lives of two of the main characters; the first is Somer – a young doctor and wife who is unable to conceive. After years of trying to have a baby, her and her husband decide to adopt a little girl from India.

The other character is Kavita – a young mother in India who makes the impossibly difficult decision to give her daughter up for adoption.

Both families are followed through the adoption process and through the growth of Asha – the little girl who was given up by Kavita and adopted by Somer and her husband.

As you read through the book, you get to know each character intimately and understand how the decisions they made shape their futures and the future of Asha. Not only do you hear the story from both of the wives, but the husbands and Asha are chronicled as well.

All in all, it was a fascinating book and I would highly recommend if you need a good book to cuddle up to as the weather continues to get cooler. It would also make a great stocking stuffer!

This was Shilpi Somaya Gowda’s first book and I think it was a big hit – I hope she writes another one soon!


4 thoughts on “Book Review: Secret Daughter by Shilpi Somaya Gowda

  1. Diana Seeley says:

    Wow, this book sounds amazing. Maybe I need to add it to my Christmas wish list. Thanks for the introduction to what sounds like a great read.

  2. Espana says:

    This novel is delightful. It’s one of those rare books that I’m willing to stay up all night for. I found multiple threads within it that touch my own life and the book is very thought-provoking. I highly recommend Secret Daughter and I recommend you read it with a friend, since you will be inspired to talk about it for some time to come.

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