The Ultimate Reading List

I have always been a huge fan of the television show Gilmore Girls and even though show ended years ago, I had to purchase all 5 seasons on DVD so that I could keep watching it!

Thanks to Pinterest, I was so excited to find that someone actually took the time to go through the entire series and take note of every single book Rory Gilmore ever read, mentioned or talked about. Brilliant! (Anyone who followed the series knows that Rory was an excessive reader and carried a book with her everywhere she went).

So, if you’re looking to snuggle up to a good book during the cool winter months, there will surely be something for you on Rory’s list. You’ll find everything on this list from The Odyssey to The Nanny Diaries so there’s a little something for everyone. 

I’m sad to admit that I’ve only read about 30 of the books this list, so I guess I have lots of reading to do! It did help remind me of a few classics that I’d like to read though so I’ll be adding them to my list next! 

You can find the full list of books here.

Are there any must-read titles that you’re going to put in your reading queue?


2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Reading List

  1. Cassie says:

    I saw this too and I was SO FREAKING PUMPED. I am more than excited. Like you, I wish that show could go on forever, to 102734 seasons so getting my hands on the pinterest Rory reading list made me incredibly happy. Good luck reading through!

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