Coming up for air

I’ve been the worst blogger ever these past few weeks! Yes, I’m still alive and no, I have not fallen off the face of the earth. It’s been a crazy few weeks (when is life NOT crazy?) and I just haven’t put the time aside to write, which I’ve been really missing! This will be my goal for 2012 – to make sure I contribute regularly to this blog with fun, entertaining and useful content. You can hold me to that promise. 🙂

It’s just 3 weeks into January though and I feel like I’ve gotten so much accomplished, especially with our wedding. I recently took a weekend trip up to Washington, D.C. to meet my family and two best friends to go wedding dress shopping which was such a blast. Aside from the emotional breakdown I had in the middle of a bridal salon (hey, it happens – buying a wedding dress is way more emotional than you think!) it was a fantastic weekend. I found the dress of my dreams. YAY! I’d show you pictures, but what’s the fun in that?  

And we finally (FINALLY!) found a church for our wedding ceremony. This has been the biggest hurdle in our planning process and it had been really weighing heavy on our hearts. I can’t tell you how many churches slammed their doors in our faces and told us they wouldn’t marry us “because we weren’t memebers.” Well, if you know us, you know that we’re not getting married in the same city that we’re currently living in so being a memeber of a church isn’t realistic. We encountered very few understanding or empathetic people through this process and it was getting really depressing. But, after lots of prayers and many more phone calls and emails, we found the light at the end of the tunnel. A lovely and kind-hearted church opened their doors to us and generously welcomed us into their church home. After meeting with the Pastor, we immediately knew it was the place for us and our wedding. It may not be what we’d imagined (it’s much smaller and less cathedral-like than we’d imagined), but we also realized that that’s not what’s important. The important thing is for us to feel most connected to God as we start this journey together and I think the church we found embodies everything that a church should. We both feel like the biggest anvil has been lifted off our shoulders!

If all that’s not enough, I am going to end my hiatus with the DC Ladies and I will be writing for them again as part of their Southern Sisters column which I am thrilled about! Check back to the site regularaly to see my posts as well as many other fabulous posts.

I’ve got lots to look forward to in the coming weeks and life is not going to slow down. I hope you’re all well and enjoying the New Year as much as I am.




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