Birthday weekend wrap-up

Yet again, I was blessed with another great birthday. My friends and family did a fantastic job of making it another special day for me. Birthdays are pretty tough to celebrate when they’re during the work week so I made up for it this weekend with lots of fun things planned!

We started off on Friday night with a great dinner at Liberty Oak in Greensboro where we were staying with friends for the night. We had to get up bright and early on Saturday morning so that we could spend the day at the North Carolina Zoo which I was SO excited about. Even with living in North Carolina all through college and a couple years after that, I’d never been beforeย so it was definitely time. We lucked out with perfect 70 degree weather (only in North Carolina, right?); I couldn’t have asked for a better day! Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the weekend!

First – my present from my parents which was such a complete surprise!!

You can never go wrong with Lilly! First up was this lovely make-up bag!

And inside was a Lilly gift card! Yay!

It’ll be perfect for all the weddings I have coming up.

Randy also got me a great gift. He told me we could go to Nordstrom’s and I could buy ANYTHING I want! Obviously, he knows the way to my heart. ๐Ÿ™‚

After my birthday we were off to the NC Zoo!

I loved seeing the elephants.

I also loved the monkeys – they were really funny, too!

Then it was time for a few photo opps!

The safari part of the zoo was definitely my favorite. I loved all the giraffes and zebras!

My birthday celebration continued a couple weeks later with a trip to NYC to see one of my best friends from college; stay tuned for pics!


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