Quick-and-easy meatless meal ideas

As you know, I decided to give up meat again for Lent this year. Although it can be tricky trying to find meatless alternatives when you’re a true carnivore at heart, it does get easier with a little practice. Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite quick meatless items for a girl who is always on the go! Hopefully these tips and tricks that might help you if you’re trying to include more veggies into your (and perhaps your very picky fiance’s) diet. 🙂

My favorite thing about going meatless is that I generally feel lighter; I’m satisfied, but not stuffed and I feel like I have more energy. The best thing about a vegetarian diet is that you learn to understand  that although meat can bring a healthy aspect to any meal, it shouldn’t be the main event either. I’ve learned to design my meals to be more proportionate and to include multiple food groups that give me a well-balanced diet.  With that said, here are a few of my favorite meatless things!

This organic tomato soup from Trader Joe’s is fantastic! For a soup, it’s very low in sodium which is a major bonus. I find that I usually add a few seasonings (a little garlic powder, black pepper and/or Italian seasoning) for a touch of added flavor, but it’s great on it’s own too! It’s been perfect for lunches because it’s low in fat/calories, but it fills me up! The container is resealable too which is super convenient as well!

If you’re looking for something that’s a little more exotic, this organic Moroccan Lentil with Chick Peas soup from Harris Teeter is amazing. It’s not low in sodium (so be careful), but it’s full of lots of delicious veggies and beans and makes another great lunch option.

Frozen spinach has become a key ingredient of mine because you can pretty much throw it into any recipe for added nutrients. Frozen spinach is more convenient to me because it lasts longer, but fresh spinach will do the trick as well!

These FlatOut wraps have been a favorite of mine for a couple of years now and I am always finding new ways to cook with them. The obvious choice is to make wraps out of them with your favorite sandwich or salad ingredients, but don’t limit yourself! FlatOut pizzas are my favorite; I either keep it simple with marinara sauce, low-fat cheese and veggies or you can put a Greek twist on it with an olive tapenade, feta cheese, peppers and onions! They also make great black bean and corn quesadillas which are also a favorite of mine!

When I’m in a rush and don’t have the time (or energy) to put something together quickly, I turn to these MorningStar black bean burgers. They taste great on a whole wheat bun with a little cheese and any other burger toppings you like.

When I’m looking for a simple side dish, I turn to my favorite veggies and quickly saute them in a little balsamic vinegar or any seasonings of my choice. These are just some of my favorite and they all saute easily. For a full meal, add shrimp, low-sodium soy sauce, ginger and chili sauce; serve with some brown rice and you’ve got DIY Chinese food!

Eggs are an obvious choice for a meatless diet because they have lots of protein and they fill me up. But I’ve also explored a few new ways to cook them. Healthy quiches are a favorite of mine because I can quickly whip one up for dinner, serve it with a leafy salad and then have enough leftovers for lunches later in the week! This spinach and feta quiche has been my favorite so far.

I hope I was able to share a few good meatless ideas with you. If you have any tips and tricks of your own, please feel free to share!


3 thoughts on “Quick-and-easy meatless meal ideas

  1. PostCollegiate says:

    I am a hard-core carnivore but even I love the Morningstar Black Bean burgers – they’re usually very reasonable priced, they have a great taste, and even occasionally make me forget how much I love red meat 🙂

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