Our Homebuying Story

This post is coming to you straight from two first-time HOMEBUYERS! It’s official! A couple weeks ago we closed on our house! It feels so good to know that the place is finally ours. We will not move in until next weekend (I will explain this later), but I did want to share our homebuying story with you.

In mid-March, we met with our realtor Kristina for the first time about starting the search for a house. At that time, we thought we were still going to wait a few more months to purchase (ha, yeah right!) but as soon as those MLS listings started to come through we couldn’t stop ourselves.

Just a couple days after we met with Kristina we found a home that we really loved and it was in one of our top neighborhoods. We went to look at it and loved the inside, but the lot was not ideal. It was still an amazing house in a wonderful neighborhood and the price was right so I wanted to make an offer. R was less enthusiastic and said that we needed to see more homes before making an offer. He had a point (I hate to admit it…) because after all, this was the first house we’d ever seen. So, that next Saturday, we were on the hunt!

To say the least, we found nothing (and I mean nothing) that even compared to the first house so we knew we were ready to make an offer. So there we went…to make our first offer!! And that’s when we got a call from the other realtor saying the house had been sold earlier that day.


So the search started again. I decided to start my own little search online in a specific neighborhood that I knew Randy and I also loved. And voila! There was an adorable house, in our price range that seemed to be calling our names. I emailed the listing to our realtor and she said she’d try and make us an appointment. Later that week, we looked at a couple other homes, but they were disappointing as well. The last house we were looking at was the one I found and even before we got to the neighborhood, I had a funny feeling that this new place might be “the one.”

After looking inside for a few minutes, Randy and I had no question that we wanted to make an offer. We weren’t going to waste any time again! This house had everything the other house did AND the lot was better. Winning! We were at the realtors office until 10:30 that Thursday night writing everything up.

The next day, after a little negotiation, we had a house! Yippee!

We were pretty fortunate to have worked with great sellers and their agent. The sellers of the home ran into a little blip with purchasing their dream home and needed to close a littler sooner than we’d all initially agreed to. Hence, the reason why we now own the home, but haven’t moved into it yet. We all agreed to let them lease it from us for about three weeks while their dream home was being built.

Here we are with our new house key!! (Sorry it’s not the best picture, it was taken with a cell phone!)

How sweet is this – R surprised me and had keys made for each of us for our new place. Mine is pink (obviously) and his is UNC-themed (no surprise there either)! Now we plan on taking the original key and framing it in a shadowbox for us to hold onto.

That’s our  homebuying story! I can’t wait to show you guys tons of pictures of the new place!


4 thoughts on “Our Homebuying Story

  1. Michelle Watkins says:

    Such a heartwarming story. Very happy for you too. I even teared up looking at your keys!! Really sweet! Love y’all very much and All the best to you always.

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