Our 4 Year Anniversary

Last week, R and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary! I can’t believe that it’s been 4 years since we started dating. Time really flies! And in just about 3 months, we’ll be tying the knot!

Since we’re so close to the wedding, we just wanted to have a casual night out. We chose to go to Cafe Caturra here in Raleigh which was the perfect choice.

We got lucky with the weather and it cooled down just enough for us to enjoy dinner outside which I loved.

We started off with their “Breads and Spreads” appetizer which super delicious. (From left to right: a sun dried tomato spread, herbed goat cheese, hummus and pimento cheese.)

Cafe Caturra is actually a wine bar so of course we treated ourselves to a lovely bottle.

For dinner, I had the Tuscan Chicken Sandwich with a garden salad on the side.

R had the BLT with a raspberry walnut salad.

It was a perfect Thursday evening out and a great way to celebrate. Next year, we’ll be celebrating our wedding anniversary!


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