DIY Wedding Ribbon Wands

Happy new year! I figured I would start 2013 off with a fun DIY project from our wedding. Let me introduce you to some fun and easy-to-make ribbon wands.

For our grand exit from the church, I wanted to do something a little different that involved minimal clean-up. I loved the idea of making my own ribbon wands because A) it was inexpensive B) they were fun and a different and C) they gave me another opportunity to show off our wedding colors. I started searching for a few options and my friend Amy suggested that I add little bells to them. Genius!

This was a super easy DIY project (believe me – I’m not too crafty so if I can do it,anyone can!) Here’s what you’ll need:

Ribbon Wands 1.1

– Wood dowel rods (I used rods that were 1/8 x12″)

– Small jingle bells (I started this project in Oct. so they were easy to find with the holiday season approaching)

– Thin ribbon in the color(s) of your choice

– Glue gun

First, start by cutting your ribbon to the desired length. For a 12″ dowel rod I would suggest the ribbon be between 18-24 inches long.

Then, start threading the ribbon through the bells. The thinner the ribbon, the better.

Ribbon Wands 2.2

Then, gently tie the bell/ribbon to the dowel rod.

Ribbon Wands 3.3

Finally, slide the ribbon up to the top of the dowel and add a dollop of the hot glue to hold it in place.

Ribbon Wands 4.4

Let the glue dry for a few minutes and you’ll be all set!

Ribbon Wands 5.5

And as an added bonus, they also make great toys for your cat. I held onto a few for Chloe and she loves them! 🙂

Ribbon Wands 6.6

What did you do for your grand exit?


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