Our Wedding: Formal Photos

Hi there! My next wedding post is full of our formal wedding photos. The outdoor photos were taken right outside the church. The light was too beautiful not to take advantage of it and I am so glad we got the pictures we did! I just wish it hadn’t been before the ceremony and we could have taken ALL the pictures out there! The remaining pictures were taken at the hotel where we had our reception, The Proximity Hotel.

Sooo, here we go!

Formals 1

Formals 2

Formals 3

Formals 4

Formals 5

Formals 6

Formals 7

Formals 8

Formals 9

Formals 10

Formals 11

Formals 12

Formals 13

Formals 14

Formals 15

Formals 16

Formals 18

Formals 19

Formals 20

That’s all for now! Have a great week!


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