Friday favorites

Happy Friday! I hope you have lots of fun things planned for the weekend. Here are a few of my favorites for this week:

I’ve been waiting for months to see Oz the Great and Powerful. It’s finally in theaters this weekend so we will definitely be seeing it!  I just hope it lives up to my expectations.


(image via)

I just finished reading Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. I’m sure many of you have read it or at least heard of it since the movie just came out. I liked the book. Even though Nicholas Sparks has a distinct style, this book was a little different which I appreciated. Much more suspenseful than I expected. My only complaint was about the way it ended; not so much how it ended, but that it ended so quickly.  I turned the page and suddenly it was over. After all that?! That really bugs me. Safe Haven

(image via)

The weather has been so cold and dreary. I think I am officially ready for spring! So when I saw tulips at Harris Teeter this week I couldn’t resist. They are the perfect pop of color while I patiently wait for the warm weather to arrive.


Speaking of spring, we may lose an hour of sleep this weekend, but we’re getting more daylight! Yay!

Have a great weekend, y’all!


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