Blogs I’m loving right now

My hubby always makes fun of me because one of my favorite things to do is curl up on the couch with my laptop, a glass of wine (or coffee depending on the time of day) and catch up on all my favorite blogs.

I am always on the lookout for new blogs to follow so I thought maybe I’d share some of my current favorites. These are blogs that I’ve been reading for a while now (at least 6 months) that I’ve really enjoyed and I think you will, too!

Carolina Charm. I think I love this blog because the author Christina and I have a lot in common. We both moved to N.C. from other states and absolutely adore the Southern way of life. We’re also newlyweds (she got married in November a year before us!) and we have worked in public relations. I honestly feel like we’d be bffs if we werent living in different cities (is that weird?).

Hello! Happiness. Natasha is a stay-at-home mom and I just love reading her stories about adjusting to life as a twenty-something mother (soon-to-be mom of two!). She’s really honest about the joys and difficulties and I really admire that about her. She’s also got great taste when it comes to style and decor.

Veronika’s Blushing. Veronika is also a young, mom-to-be so I’ve loved hearing about all of her first-time pregnancy experiences. She also has killer make-up and hair advice which I have found really helpful. (Check out her YouTube channel as well –  some of them are a little older, but still great content!). She also has fabulous style and I love her OOTD posts.

iHeart Organizing. Jen is a serious organizer. I love taking inspiration from her and her guest bloggers about making your home an effecient and organized space. I feel extremely inadequte when it comes to our own home’s organization, BUT her posts are so informative and she gives her readers great ideas/advice. While I don’t think I will ever reach her levels of organiztion, she’s definitely inspired me to make some changes in our home.

I know it sounds like I “know” these women (I don’t). But sometimes when you read about a person for so long you start to feel like you do know them! They’re all pretty amazing and have given me a lot of blogger-inspiration!

So now I am dying to know – what are your favorite blogs?

P.S. If you haven’t already heard, Google is getting rid of Google Reader by July 1. If you are in need of a new interface for catching up on your favorite blogs, consider Bloglovin. I’ve been using it for months and prefer it to Google Reader anyways (they offer recommendations which I like) so I’d highly recommend. (You can follow Life as Mr. & Mrs. here!) *I have no affiliation with Bloglovin’, I just love their interface!

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