Good Friday

I always have mixed feelings about Easter. It’s such a cheerful time of year – spring is in the air, bright colors are out, you start to feel alive after such a cold and dreary winter. But it also feels a little sad to me. As soon as I start getting caught up in all the candy, colorful eggs and cute little bunnies, I am reminded that Easter is so much more than that.

When we went to church last Sunday (Palm Sunday, of course) our Pastor mentioned that Holy Week is meant to be a week of reflection and that it’s ok to feel a little sad. I feel like this is something that people don’t talk about much. We are not supposed to feel sad; we’re supposed to keep our chin up and look at the glass half full. Ninety-nine percent of the time, I wholeheartedly agree with this. But every year when Easter rolls around, I think it’s our opportunity to mourn Jesus’ death and reflect on the fact that He made such an unimaginable sacrifice for us.

But after the sadness and the mourning, there is also cause for celebration, too. Our sins are forgiven; the Ultimate Sacrifice was made for each and every one of us so that we don’t have to suffer. Easter is a chance to start over; a clean slate. What an amazing gift that is! Such an amazing gift it’s difficult to comprehend sometimes, at least for me. We have been blessed and given the gift of new life – what could be more powerful than that?

I hope that you all have a truly blessed Good Friday and Easter weekend!




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