An update on my “word” for 2013

Hey friends! Do you remember this post I did in January? Since we’re about half way through the year (is that not crazy!?) I wanted to do a little update on how I was doing with my ‘word’ for 2013.

After reading Sarah’s awesome blog about how she chose a spiritual word to focus on for the year, I knew I wanted to participate. I loved the idea of focusing on one word to help guide me through the year and keep me on track with what I wanted to accomplish. The word I chose to focus on this year was ‘committment’. I chose this for a number of reasons, but mainly it just seemed to be so fitting after getting married. But I also wanted us to commit to finding a church, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and turning this blog into something I’m proud of.  So far, I think I have been successful!

Not long after I wrote that post, we found a lovely church that immediately seemed to feel like home for us. It’s a smaller church (which we liked) and we knew that their mission was in line with what we wanted in a church home. After attending for several months, we finally made our membership official a couple of weeks ago! Yay! We’ve already started getting involved – the hubby has joined the softball league and we recently taught Sunday school classes.  We have already met a number of people who have become fast friends and it’s been such a joy to finally have that piece of the puzzle in place. We are so thankful!

Committing to a healthy lifestyle will always be an uphill battle for me. Not to say that I am the most unhealthy person – I eat well and I work out, but I have trouble finding consistency. I’m really good for a few weeks…then not so good…and then I go back to being healthy again. I’d like to maintain more balance.  After experiencing some stomach issues, I am still continuing to try and keep a gluten-free diet; I  noticed the benefits almost immediately which has kept me motivated. (I will also be doing an update on that soon!)  Overall, this is still a work in progress, but I think I am making strides.

This little blog space of mine has become so special to me. Readers or not, I love having a place to be creative and share our life-happenings. I love looking back on my previous posts – it’s a perfect little scrapbook of memories. I am working to make improvements however. I want to blog more often and I will probably be making the switch to later in the year. This will just give me more opportunity to grow more and customize the site to my needs. Also a work in progress.

And finally, I can’t forget to mention about my most important committment – to my husband! Our first few months of marriage have been pure bliss and I cannot wait to see what the future brings for us. We have loved settling into marriage and building our home in Raleigh. I really couldn’t ask for anything better.

If you chose a word for this year, I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to leave your comments and links below!


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