Progress {living room edition}

We are  so close to having our living room finished I can taste it. After this (relatively minor) home-improvement project, I wholeheartedly understand why renovations are such a pain in the you-know-what. Nothing goes as planned. It always costs more than you figure and it takes longer than expected. However, I can also say that it’s totally worth it.

Here’s what we did:

  • Had the entryway, living room, stairway and upstairs hallway painted
  • Had someone come and mount our TV over the fireplace (because there was no outlet, this required some minor electrical work and a few holes drilled into my freshly painted walls)
  • Had all the carpets cleaned

These were all pretty small changes, but even so far they’ve had a big impact. Here was the before (yes, those are blankets covering my beloved new chairs – I had to protect those jewels!)

living room 1

And here is how our big empty room looked right after it was painted.

living room 2

All these photos were taken quickly with my phone so pardon the poor quality. And yes, that big white spot is one of the patches we have to repaint. Sigh.

living room 3

living room 4I have a coffee table picked out and I am this close to ordering it, but the frugal girl in me wants to wait because I almost have enough credit card points to pay for it entirely. I am so close! I think I can hold out another month. And then of course we have lots of pictures to hang and accessories to add (baskets, pillows, curtains, etc.) The fun stuff! A couch will come eventually, but that will probably be later in the year.

Overall, I am really happy with all the progress we’ve made and look forward to adding more personal touches over time.

Have a great week!


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