Penelope Marie – one month

Our dearest Penelope,

I can’t believe you’re already a month old! Where have the past few weeks gone?! I feel like we’ve finally come out of the newborn fog and we’re all finally getting into our own rhythm. You are an absolute joy and overall, you’re a very happy baby!















You went through a week of fussiness that was really tough. This also happened to be the first week that your dad went back to work and I had you all by myself. It was a time of adjustment for us both, but we survived and ever since then, you’ve been the happy baby that you were!

We are starting to venture out with you more and more. You have been out to eat at a few restaurants, tagged along to countless trips to Target and already been on many walks. You love your car seat and your stroller which makes things very easy. We limit the time we’re out with you since we are still feeding every 2-3 hours, but as we all get more comfortable, we’ll start venturing out for longer periods of time.



You attended a wedding a couple weekends ago and you were a perfect angel. You and I attended the ceremony (which you slept through) and then your Papa went onto the reception without us.



We have never had more visitors to the house and it’s all because of you! Everyone wants to meet you and have the chance to hold you. Everyone comments on how beautiful you are – especially your big blue eyes and we couldn’t agree more!

Breastfeeding has had it’s challenges – not so much for you; you latched on right away which we were so thankful for. This mama has been the one who’s had the most trouble. My milk took a little longer to come in which meant your weight dropped more than we would have liked. Your first week at home we were at the pediatrician’s office three times for weight checks. But thankfully, once my milk came in, you started gaining weight very quickly and everything was good again.

Breastfeeding has been the most physically and emotionally challenging thing I have ever done. There were days when I was very tempted to quit, but I’m so glad that I didn’t. There is something so special about feeding you and even though it has it’s difficulties; it’s rewarding and I treasure our time together. We will probably start to introduce a bottle here in the next week or two. I still plan on breastfeeding you as often as I can, but since I will be going back to work eventually, you will need to learn to drink from a bottle, too. This will also mean that your Papa can take part in feedings which I think will be a special time for you both as well.

Speaking of Papa…you are already a daddy’s girl through and through. There is nothing sweeter than watching the two of you interact together. You love sleeping on his chest and he’s the best at rocking you to sleep. I think part of your fussiness that first we were home together was due to Papa going back to work; you missed him! I know that he really misses you too so we try and send him sweet picturesย of you throughout the day while he’s working.












I have loved shopping for you these past few weeks and our family and friends have, too! You now have quite the wardrobe, little one. You are still wearing your newborn clothes (which is primarily gender neutral), but we’ll have to transition you to the zero-to-three month sizes in the next week or so. I’m dreading and looking forward to this at the same time. Packing up your newborn clothes already brings tears to my eyes, but I’m also excited to see you wearing all the cute new clothes we’ve got for you.

On your one month birthday you smiled at me for the first time and it was one of the sweetest moments ever. Sure, you’ve smiled before, but they were usually sleep or gas smiles. I was making faces and giving you kisses and sure enough, a big smile came across your face and I was lucky enough to have my cell phone close to capture it on camera.


Once you fall asleep at night, you’re a great sleeper, but putting you to bed has it’s challenges. You fight sleep and as tired as you are some nights, you just don’t want to go to bed. Your ‘witching hour’ seems to be from 8-11 at night (sometimes longer, sometimes shorter) where we get into this vicious cycle of you feeding, falling asleep, waking back up and then doing it all over again. You tend to be quite gassy during the evenings and I don’t think that helps either.











Here are your one month stats…

Weight: 9 lbs, 2 oz (41 percentile)

Height: 21.75 inches (70 percentile)

Head Circumference: 14 5/8 inches (47 percentile)

Your one month favorites: the rock ‘n play; being worn in the Boba wrap or Baby Bjorn; going to the bathroom while we change your diaper (little stinker!); taking baths; going on walks; your glowworm, sleeping on Papa’s chest, the Lifecake app for sharing pictures with friends and family, Summer Infant Swaddle Blankets.

Dislikes: being hungry (no surprise there!), sitting in traffic (when we’re moving, you’re fine), bedtime.

We have loved watching you grow over these past 4 weeks and can’t wait to see what the next month brings!
















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