Penelope Marie – 3 months

Dear Penelope,

You are now three months old! A lot has happened over the last month – you celebrated two holidays (Halloween and Thanksgiving) and at this point, we’ve been able to get you on a little bit more of a schedule. Your sleep has improved and you are getting stronger and more alert every day!

IMG_2328 (2)

IMG_2329 (2)

You are pretty much sleeping through the night now which has been amazing! You are still going to bed around 11 every night, but there have been a handful of times we’ve been able to get you down earlier. Depending on how tired you are, you’ll wake up between 6-8 the next morning. I still love our mornings together; you’re so happy and cheerful. It’s my favorite time to play with you because you’re so smiley! This is usually when we play on one of your playmats and have tummy time.


You have gotten so much better at napping. You sleep for about 2-2.5 hours in the morning; you sometimes take a little cat nap at lunch and now are sleeping for about another 2 hours in the afternoon. You also take another short nap around the time we start dinner. This has done wonders for you because sleeping throughout the day prevents you from getting overtired/fussy in the evenings.

Halloween was the first holiday you celebrated. Of course we decked you out in a cute little outfit and that evening, you put on your elephant costume. It was pretty big on you (they don’t really make costumes for babies your size) but you were still the cutest elephant ever! I don’t think you were too crazy about your costume though.

image image

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Your Papa walked you around the block and you got lots of sweet comments from all the neighbors while I passed out candy. It was quite chilly that evening so we didn’t keep you out for too long.

You have become a master at tummy time and have been doing such a great job of holding your head up. You love having the opportunity to look around and take in all the views. We usually put a rattle or light-up toy in front of you to keep you interested. You love looking at yourself in the mirror now (and why wouldn’t you? You’re so darn cute!). You’re gradually starting to hold onto things so we’ve started incorporating some bright colored rings and rattles into play time. You are becoming so much more alert and I can just see those little wheels turning in your head. It’s really been fun watching you grow!


You have definitely found your voice and are quite chatty! You just talk and talk and talk when we’re playing and it’s so adorable. I “talk” back to you and we have little conversations now. I said my first words pretty early so it makes me wonder if you will be the same? I guess we’ll have to wait and see!


I took you to the doctor towards the end of the month because I’ve been worried about the flat spot on your head. You favor your left side so you’re always sleeping, leaning and looking to the left. That’s why we’ve been so diligent about tummy time and getting you to move your head both directions. Hopefully this will get better over the course of the next few weeks; we’ve got your four-month appointment scheduled for the beginning of January so we will have a follow up then. If it’s not better, then we may have to think about some physical therapy. We purchased a special pillow to help out with this; we don’t use it for sleeping, but when we put you on a blanket on the floor, we use it to rest your head on. It evenly distributes your weight and keeps you from turning to one side.

You now use a bottle quite frequently and we are also still breastfeeding. Nursing has finally become a more pleasant (and less painful) experience for me so I can actually enjoy it now. But you’ve gotten picky and there are times when you definitely prefer a bottle (it fills your tummy up faster!). You also have moments where you prefer to nurse so we’re just taking cues from you every time you feed. Next month when you begin daycare you will obviously be bottle-feeding much more but I hope to still keep up nursing because it’s something special only you and I can do.

Speaking of day care…I’ve been getting myself prepared for the transition and soaking up every single snuggle and cuddle I can get with you. While part of me looks forward to going back, the idea of being away from you all day makes my heart hurt. I can’t tell you how much I’ve loved our quiet days snuggling on the couch, taking walks around the neighborhood and running errands around town. The last few weeks, we’ve met friends at the park, had lunch dates together, gone shopping, napped together and binge-watched our favorite TV shows on Netflix. I treasure this time together and it will forever be some of my happiest days. I know it can’t last forever so I’ve been savoring every last minute.




You are such a darling and I am looking forward to celebrating your first Christmas in just a couple of weeks. I can’t wait to see you have a chance to interact with our family who you haven’t seen in several weeks. You’re going to be so spoiled!

We love you dearly, little one.



One thought on “Penelope Marie – 3 months

  1. Michelle Watkins says:

    I enjoy reading your blog Jenny. Penelope is such a blessing. You and Randy are great parents. Love y’all very much.

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