Penelope Marie – 5 Months

Dear Penelope,

You are now five months old! Once again I find myself having trouble keeping up with how quickly things are changing.



I am going to be honest here, this last month was a bit of a doozy. Shortly after we returned from Christmas you went through a major sleep regression. We’d hadn’t heard about the four-month sleep regression until we were knee-deep in it and let me tell you, it was something else! You have been such a good sleeper since the beginning so this definitely threw us for a loop. I think you hit so many milestones around that time and it caught up to you all at once. With rolling over we couldn’t swaddle you anymore so that was a huge adjustment. You also became so much more alert and aware of what was going on around you; why would you want to sleep at night when you could play instead?? Unfortunately during this time your Papa traveled for work back-to-back weeks making this an even tougher time.

We also noticed that your days of sleeping on-the-go are long gone. You are way too interested in what’s happening around you to sleep. You used to fall asleep within seconds of being put in your car seat, but not anymore! And sleeping through all those trips to Target or quick dinners out? Nope, not happening anymore.


We decided it was time to start sleep training. We never wanted to be those parents who’s entire existence revolved around sleep and nap-times, but we have officially become those people. And thankfully, after a few weeks it’s finally “stuck” and we have a set routine and you’re back to sleeping through the night. We wake you up around 6:45 every morning (even on weekends) and your first nap starts around 8 or 8:30 for between 2-2.5 hours. Your afternoon nap starts around 1 or 1:30 and lasts around 2 hours also. You take a brief catnap after we pick you up from daycare and then the bedtime routine starts atย 7:30. For the first time ever this month, we’ve been able to consistently get you into be between 8-8:30 every night (sometimes even earlier than that!) which is huge! Oh how I don’t miss the days of you not going to sleep until 10 or 11. It was a tough couple of weeks, but now we’ve established your schedule and all is right with the world again. At least for now! ๐Ÿ™‚

You are officially in size 2 diapers and wearing your 3-6 month clothing now. It’s all a little big on you so I suspect you’ll be wearing these sizes for a little while. I had so much fun going through all your 6 month clothing and dressing you up in all your fun outfits!


I love your disposition; you laugh all.the.time and it’s the best! You laugh at people, at your stuffed animals, at yourself. It’s hilarious and we love to laugh along with you. You’re still very easy-going and enjoy being around other people. You don’t mind it when others hold you or take a peek at you in the car seat or the stroller – in fact, I think you enjoy all the attention!


You are starting to grab and reach for things now. You have been using your playmat more than ever and now you can play with the toys all on your own. We introduced you to the jumperoo we got you for Christmas. You’re a little small for it so we put a box underneath so you have a place for your feet to rest. Right now, you are only happy in it for about 10 minutes but I think as you get a little bigger you’ll enjoy it even more. Your lovey comes with you pretty much everywhere right now. We even let you nap with it sometimes.

You have started to notice Chloe which is pretty adorable. Sometimes we’ll bring her over to you and you’ll just start laughing ย or smiling! You reach for her and you love to gently pet her; sometimes she even starts purring. We give her a couple of treats every time she lets you pet her so I think that helps a little, too. ๐Ÿ™‚


Everything you reach for goes right into your mouth (of course). Your newest favorite toy isn’t even a toy…it’s your little toes! You LOVE your feet. You are aย baby yoga rockstar and enjoy nothing more than getting your little feet into your mouth. It’s adorable!


This month you also experienced your first ever snow day (well, it was more of an ice day). It wasn’t the pretty snow that we would have liked…instead everything was covered with a thick sheet of ice so you couldn’t really enjoy it, but at least I got a day to be home with you snuggling while I worked.


Bath time continues to be your favorite. You’re growing out of your infant tub so as soon as you’re sitting up on your own, we’ll start giving you a bath without it which I knowย you’ll really enjoy. You will have so much more room to splash around and we can introduce you to some fun bath toys!


Overall, we feel like we hit the jackpot with you and I cannot even fathom that in a couple of short weeks you’ll be 6 months old which just blows my mind. Half a year gone…already!

We love you, Sweet P!



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