Penelope Marie – 6 Months

Dear Penelope,

You’re half a year old! When did that happen?!

6 months 11

6 months 12

I think this month was my favorite yet. After you came out of your sleep sleep regression and we got you on more of a schedule, you’ve been the happiest baby ever. You’re sleeping well, eating well, very rarely fussy and overall a complete joy. How lucky are we to be your parents!?

This was a big month for you – you tried solids for the first time (sweet potato on February 20); you’re very close to sitting up (I think it’ll be any day now!); you’re rolling over from both sides; you love your jumperoo and can now reach the floor and bounce on your own. You are constantly reaching for whatever is in front of you and you love to grab and pull mama’s hair/jewelry/glasses. You love your stuffed animals and lovey; you get a big smile on your face anytime we put them in front of you. You notice Chloe all the time now and follow her with your eyes as she walks/runs around the room. You are so interested in her and love to pet her (and occasionally pull on her fur). Much to our surprise, she doesn’t seem to mind all that much.

6 months 1

It’s so much fun to see your personality starting to develop. You’re already very much like your Papa in that you’re outgoing and seem to enjoy being around lots of other people. You’re such a ham – you smile at everyone! You definitely don’t mind being held by new people or passed around. Not only do you love being around adults, but kids, too – even bigger kids. You love to observe them with a big smile plastered on your face. Going to church has become one of your favorite activities because you get to see some of your friends and you have a blast watching them goof off in the pew in front of us.

6 months 7

My goal in the coming month is to try and plan some play dates with your baby friends. Now that you’re a little older and more observant, I think you’ll get a kick out of it. The weather is slowly starting to warm up which means we can spend more time outside enjoying the sunshine.

Right now everything you touch goes straight into your mouth. I wouldn’t be surprised if you start teething here soon because you love chewing on some of your teething toys.

6 months 9

6 months 10

We had a sweet surprise this month when your Auntie Ally and Uncle Casey came to visit us for my birthday weekend! They miss you so much and you had a great time playing with them.

6 months 3

You continue to do so well with Miss Merritt during the day. She is always bringing you along for fun adventures with the kiddos and I think you have a blast being along for the ride! Josie their sweet dog is your little guard dog and she loves to keep an eye on you every day. You two have become fast friends!

6 months 6

You are a wonderful sleeper right now. We are now putting you to bed around 7 every night (if you’re really tired, sometimes even 6:30) and you sleep soundly until around 6 or 6:30 in the morning. You usually wake up on your own, but every now and then we have to wake you up. Sometimes you’ll fuss or cry for a minute at night, but you almost always put yourself back to sleep. There have been a handful of times that we’ve caught you sleeping on your belly (gasp!) and although it’s not a big deal at this point because you can roll over all on your own, it still catches me off guard! You sure are a wiggle worm at night though – you usually end up at the opposite end of the crib and turned the other direction by the time morning rolls around!

You had a chance to visit me at work one afternoon which was super fun! You loved seeing all the people in my office and were smiling at everyone – you’re such a ham!

6 months 2

You’re still taking a bottle for most all of your meals and we’ve just started to introducing pureed solids. At this point you are more interested in the spoon and the bowls than you are food. But right now, we’re just trying to get you into the habit of eating. You seem to really like rice cereal, but that’s probably because we mix it with your milk!

Your quite small for your size so you’re still fitting well into your 3-6 month clothes. In the coming weeks I’ll probably start slowly buying some 6-9 month clothes for spring and summer. I’m looking forward to all the cute dresses and outfits, as usual! You’re also still wearing size 2 diapers and I think you’ll continue to stay in those for a couple more weeks.

6 months 5

The weather is starting to slowly warm up so I am anxiously waiting for the days when we can take you outside. The time will also change soon so we’ll have a little more daylight to take quick walks around the neighborhood in the evenings. As always, you’re such a joy and we are looking forward to your next month!

And no surprise here, but bath time is still your favorite. 🙂

6 months 8

6 months 4

Can’t wait to see what’s in store for next month, Sweet P!


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