Penelope Marie – 9 months old

Dear Penelope,

You are 9 months old! We are getting closer and closer to your first birthday and I’m feeling so conflicted about it. I love watching you grow and change, but hate how quickly it’s going by. I never thought I would say this, but sometimes I miss those newborn days! And then I remember how much sleep I wasn’t getting and it brings me back to reality. 🙂

Summer is in full swing so we’ve been busy going to the pool, birthday parties and being outside. I think the days that we spend resting at the house you get a little bored – you’d rather be doing/seeing things! So even if it’s a quick trip to the grocery store or a walk around the block, we try and take you everywhere we go.

There was a time when taking you out was a little tricky – with naps, feedings, etc. it was tough and unpredictable, but that’s getting easier now. While we still work around naps/feedings, we can be a little more flexible which has been wonderful. We can take you to restaurants now and you sit in the high chair eating puffs and watch everyone around you.

This was  a big month for you. First, we traveled to Ohio to see your Uncle Casey graduate with his master’s degree! When he walked across the stage we held you up and screamed “way to go, Uncle Casey!” You stayed to see Uncle Casey walk across stage and then your dad took you home for the night. The next day we celebrated him at his graduation party!

9 months 1

9 months 2

9 months 3

You did surprisingly well on your trip, but I think we may give flying a try next time. Eight or nine hours in a car with you at this stage is tricky. Understandably you get bored and want to move around and with all the stops we have to make it stretches the trip out longer.

The weekend after his graduation, your grandparents and auntie and uncle came to Raleigh for your baptism. What a treat to see everyone two weekends in a row! Your great-grandmother Omi also flew into town and your great-grandma Mildred and great aunt Michelle came also! It’s not very often we get both sides of our families together so it’s always special when we do. You handled the baptism beautifully and I think you loved all the attention you were getting. 🙂

baptism 7

You are so fortunate to have such loving Godparents, grandparents and friends in your life! You wore the gown that both my sister and I wore at our baptisms; I can’t wait to continue using this family heirloom of ours. After the ceremony we had everyone over at our house for lunch. We had bar-b-que catered from our favorite place (Johnson Family BBQ, if you’re local) and kept it very casual and simple. It was sunny and warm (but not too hot) and the perfect day.

baptism 1

baptism 4

baptism 3

baptism 2

baptism 6

We celebrated Memorial weekend with your first trip to the pool. No surprise here, but we’ve got a little fishy on our hands and you loved the water! We can’t wait to take you again! We also learned that an hour or two a the pool makes for a really great nap, too. 🙂

9 Months 4

9 months 5

At your 9-month check-up you weighed 15 lbs 14 oz (5th percentile)

Your were 27 inches tall (22nd percentile)

And your head circumference was 17 inches (32nd percentile)

We talked to the pediatrician about your eating and decided that if we didn’t see enough improvement by the time you were 10 months old then we would consider seeing a food specialist. You’re just a little behind for your age and although we have seen some improvement over the last couple of months, you still aren’t eating solids as much as we’d like you to. So your Papa and I are going to be very strict about feeding you at least twice a day (preferably 3 times) and will also incorporate solids into our morning routine when you’re most happy and rested.

You starting crawling at the beginning of the month! We knew this was coming as you’d get on your belly and wiggle like crazy without going anywhere, but now you’ve mastered an army crawl! And we’ve seen you pop up onto your hands/knees a handful of times so it’s only a matter a time before you get going full-speed ahead! We’ve got some baby-proofing to do that’s for sure.


This month was unusually busy, but also super special! Thank you for another wonderful month, Miss P. We can’t wait to experience the rest of the summer with you!




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