Baby number two is on the way!

We have some exciting news to share…

We are expecting our second baby in December! I thought I would take this opportunity to share a few details about the pregnancy so far.

How did you find out you were pregnant? 

One Friday night in mid-April I started experiencing severe cramps. It was much worse than I ever experience during my typical cycle and it reminded me of the back labor I experienced when I was having Penelope. I worried that it might be the start of a miscarriage, but never experienced any bleeding. Randy thought I should call my OB, but I decided to wait until the morning to see how I felt. I eventually went to sleep and woke up early the next morning and the cramping was gone but I still felt “off.” Randy still thought I should call the OB, but I told him not until I took a pregnancy test. Unfortunately we didn’t have any in the house so he had to run out at 7:30 on a Saturday morning and buy one for me. Poor guy! Within seconds of peeing on the stick I saw the positive line!  Yay! Another baby!

How far along are you? And when is your due date?

I’m 22 weeks; over half-way there! We are due December 11.

How have you been feeling? 

I’ve been feeling good! Much like my first pregnancy I was extremely nauseous and definitely experienced morning sickness. I did take some anti-nausea medicine but not for long because it really didn’t work this time around. Once that finally ended around week 17, I started feeling like myself again. I still don’t have as much energy as I would like, but it’s definitely improved since the first trimester.

How has this pregnancy been different from your first?

There have been a lot of similarities so far; the morning sickness, the nausea, the heartburn all of which I experienced pretty badly with Penelope. This time around the morning sickness wasn’t quite as bad, but I’ve been much more fatigued. I didn’t have a toddler to chase around my first pregnancy either so I’m sure that has something to do with it. πŸ™‚  Now that I’m well into my second trimester, I’m feeling pretty good! I’ve got some of my energy back and only occasionally get sick or feel nauseous. I do keep Tums with me everywhere I go because of my heartburn but other than that, I have no complaints!

Have you been craving any crazy foods?

No! This has been one of the biggest differences so far. I had such strong cravings with Penelope (fruit – especially strawberries and watermelon, ice cold milk, Asian food), but not this time around. In fact, I’ve been gravitating towards really plain foods and carbs. I feel like I ate so much healthier with my first pregnancy, but food is  still very “meh” to me.

How does Penelope feel about a little brother or sister?

At 23 months, she still doesn’t completely understand what’s going on, but we do talk frequently about the baby in mama’s belly and she’s been gradually more curious about that. We frequently ask her if she wants a baby brother or baby sister and she says brother! She loves babies right now  so I’m looking forward to seeing her interact with our little one later this year. Her teacher told me the other day that she was referring to herself as “big sister” which warmed my heart!

Will you find out the gender of this baby?

Yes! We didn’t with our first and the surprise was one of the best things we’ve ever experienced. But this time around, I’d like to feel a little more prepared. We plan on doing a small gender reveal with our family when they come to visit in August for Penelope’s birthday.

We are so excited for this journey and all that we have to look forward to later this year!


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